Photonics for Quantum 2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Rik van Gorsel
How many planes are there in the BBO where the pair can be generated ('z axis') and how does this affect focusing?
Jatin kumar
why imaging don't disturb the behaviour of photon in your scenario, however according to quantum measurement photon should be disturbed, how we are able to take image of them?
Don Figer
I am often baffled as to why light-matter interactions (mirrors, lenses, etc.) in quantum experiments do not decohere entangled photons. I understand that it is related to weak vs. strong interactions.
R Pahl
Many life scientists have abandoned the EMCCD systems for sCMOS cameras because of the improved noise characteristics. What is the special reason for the EMCCD camera here?
R Pahl
Thank you for this answer !
Usman Javid
What is the difference between the second and third column?
Rik van Gorsel
What would be your considerations in choosing between SPDC and 4-way mixing to generate entangled pairs?
Andrew Weiner
Another way to reject noise (in part) is by time gating, which is one of the principles behind classical techniques like OCT. The classical techniques also have the benefit of higher photon flux which will usually yield improved signal to noise for a given measurement time. Can you identify any potential real applications where the quantum imaging would be superior? (I am interested in quantum imaging too, but this question is often posed by potential sponsors, and it is hard to answer).
Yong Meng Sua
Talks for the nice talk. Can you pls comment if quantum advantage is sustainable over lossy environment?
Usman Javid
Is quantum correlation between the two photons necessary? Can we have any image enhancement when an object is illuminated by two classically correlated beams?
Miles Padgett