Photonics for Quantum 2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Don Figer
Did you look at salary information? I have seen salary information where the salary is inverted with respect to degree, i.e. bachelors have higher income (due to supply/demand dynamics).What do you make of the fact that the needs in industry do not line up with traditional academic fields/departments?
Dominique Dagenais
Is there any request for cross disciplinary training or skills?
Xuedong Hu
Did you try interviewing companies in the traditional industries? Are they looking at quantum tchnologies as potential disruptors to their own technologies?
jonathan candelaria
You mentioned in passing something about a company's ability or inability to train new employees, but was there any discussion with the interviewees about their possible need for professional certificates, continuing education programs, short courses, etc. for their existing workforce - both for new hires as well as employees with more experience in other fields?
David Steuerman
Great talk, Michael. How do you plan to follow up this work?
David Steuerman