Photonics for Quantum 2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Don Figer
1. What is the relationship between your organization and OSTP?
Don Figer
2. What are your organization's plans in regards to international collaboration?
Marek Osinski
Are Canadians collaborators funded by NSF?
Don Figer
3. What fraction of your organization's SBIR/STTR funding is related to quantum? Is that changing?
Don Figer
4. For NSF, who won the QLCI Round 1 competition?!
Don Figer
5. What is the visibility of quantum to your upper administration and what is their enthusiasm for it? How does quantum compete for other priorities?
Tony Xu Zhou
With covid-19 around for the next few years and economy taking a down turn, do all the agencies start directing funding to lean a bit away from fundamental studies but towards application research? This is understandable due to need of short term solutions to solve the pandemic crisis if it is the case. This answer can help researchers do fundamental research and always try to keep in mind of its potential impact to be useful to facilitate technology development.
Tony Xu Zhou
thank you all for the answers!