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Machiavelli: Power, Princes, People, Populism. Lessons for the Contemporary World (CNYHC)
Oct. 15
NADIA URBINATI, Columbia University (USA)
"Politics, Conflict, and Freedom: Three Inseparable Companions in Machiavelli’s Thought"
Respondent: Sean Erwin, Barry University (USA)

Oct. 29
MAURIZIO VIROLI, Princeton University (USA)
"Neither Medicean nor Populist: A (Stubborn) Defense of Machiavelli’s Republicanism"
Respondent: Laurie Naranch, Siena College (USA)
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Nadia Urbinati
Kyriakos Tsakopoulos Professor of Political Theory @Columbia University
NADIA URBINATI is Kyriakos Tsakopoulos Professor of Political Theory at Columbia University. She holds a PhD from the European University Institute in Florence. She specializes in modern and contemporary political thought and the democratic and anti-democratic traditions. Among her most recent books: Me The People: How Populism Transforms Democracy (Harvard University Press, 2019; winner of the Capalbio International Award); The Tyranny of the Moderns (Yale University Press, 2015); Democracy Disfigured: Opinion, Truth and the People (Harvard University Press, 2014).
Maurizio Viroli
Professor of Politics @Princeton University
MAURIZIO VIROLI is Professor of Politics at Princeton University (Emeritus) and also Professor of Political Communication at the University of Italian Switzerland (Lugano) and Professor of Politics at University of Texas, Austin. Among his publications in English are Quotable Machiavelli (Princeton University Press, 2016); How to Choose a Leader: Machiavelli's Advice to Citizens (Princeton University Press, 2016); Redeeming the ‘Prince’: The Meaning of Machiavelli’s Masterpiece (Princeton University Press, 2013); As if God Existed: Religion and Liberty in the History of Italy (Princeton University Press, 2012); The Liberty of the Servants (Princeton University Press, 2011); Machiavelli’s God (Princeton University Press, 2010).
Laurie Naranch
Associate Professor of Political Science @Siena College
LAURIE E. NARANCH is Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program at Siena College. Her research is in the areas of political philosophy, democratic theory, feminist theory, critical theory, craft, narrative, and aesthetics. Recent publications include “Could Old Be the New Cool?: Shifting Aesthetics of the Aging Body” Zone Moda Journal (2020) and “The Narratable Self” Adriana Cavarero and Sojourner Truth” in the journal Hypatia (2019). She is currently at work on materialisms in Italian philosophy, the indebted student, with larger projects about the philosophy and politics of craft textiles as well as a book on the aging body and political theory.
Sean Erwin
Professor of Philosophy @Barry University
SEAN ERWIN is Professor of Philosophy at Barry University. He received his PhD from Vanderbilt University, where he studied French critical theory and early modern philosophy with a focus on Spinoza. Erwin investigates the body as a locus for "doxapoiēsis," analyzing the effects that shifts in disciplinary practices have for thought, values, and identity at the level of individuals, institutions, and regimes. He currently serves as the Program Chair for the Society of Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy and as the co-founder and co-chair of the International Machiavelli Society. His research interests include Aristotle, Renaissance and early modern philosophy (especially Machiavelli and Spinoza), and contemporary French philosophy. He is the author of numerous articles, reviews, and the volume A War of One’s Own: The Problem of Military Force in Machiavelli (Bloomsbury Academic, forthcoming May 2022).